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"My Ravensburger" is your personal Ravensburger account. Here you can manage your subscription to our newsletter which contains information about our products, news, special campaigns and events.

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To register for "My Ravensburger", click on "Login" on the homepage to access the registration form. You can then enter your e-mail address on the form. You'll receive an e-mail with your password after you complete your registration. After you've received this e-mail, please login with this temporary password and change your password using the "Change User Information" function.

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The Ravensburger Newsletter keeps you in touch with Ravensburger and its partners, providing you with valuable information about products, news, events and other campaigns.

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To register to receive the Ravensburger Newsletter, click on the Newsletter tab to access the subscription form. Please fill out this form by providing your personal information. You must provide an e-mail address in order to receive the newsletter.

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To change the status of your newsletter subscription, you must first login using the username and password that you selected. You must be logged in to change your user profile.

How to log-in?
You can access "My Ravensburger" by clicking on "Login" on the homepage which will take you to the login page. Please enter your username and password on this form.

Forgot password?

By logging in to your "My Ravensburger" account, you can change all your personal information. If you've forgotten your password, the "password assistance" function will help you reset your password by sending you a new temporary password by e-mail. Please note that if you use this reset function, you will be issued a randomly generated temporary password for your account and your old password automatically expires.

Forgot log-in name?
If you've forgotten your login username, the easiest solution is to re-register using a different login username. However, please note that this may also mean that you will have to register using a different e-mail address.

Replacement Parts

Have you lost the instructions? Are you missing a game component or playing piece? It's unfortunate if a missing component is keeping you from having fun. That's why we're here to help. We can send you replacement game components by mail. Please fill out the form you'll find under Replacement Services with the necessary information. Please enter the name of the game, as well as the article number, in the replacement request form. You can find the six-digit article number on the box above the "age" and "number of players" symbols. Please describe the missing item. If this replacement piece is still available, it will be sent to you by mail.

We hope you'll understand that it is not possible for us to send game boards, complete colour sets or the entire contents of a game.
Unfortunately, we are also unable to send replacement items for discontinued products if they are no longer in stock. But please get in touch and we will help where we can.

2D Puzzles
What to do, if you've lost a puzzle piece?
Unfortunately, we are unable to match or supply individual replacement puzzle pieces for jigsaws with 5,000 pieces or less. One reason for this is that small colour changes can occur during the printing process. Also, after about 60,000 puzzles have been produced, the hand-made cutting tools are replaced, therefore the new cutter guide would not match puzzles from previous production runs. It is however possible to send replacement pieces for puzzles with 9,000 to 32,000 pieces.

Replacing pieces for jigsaws up to 5,000 pieces:
We use handmade cutters, which are periodically replaced during each production run. For this reason we cannot guarantee identical puzzle pieces would be achieved with regard to dimensions, positions or shading for each and every batch of puzzles produced. Differences can and do occur during the production process. Due to the quality of our products and the reasons stated above, we cannot offer an individual puzzle piece replacement service. In these cases please make contact with the retailer where the product was purchased, for a refund or replacement. However, as each case is different, we will always try to help where possible. Please contact our customer service team to find out if we are able to assist. If you do contact us please include the barcode number, item description, place and date of purchase, name, address and contact number.

Replacing pieces for jigsaws of 9,000 pieces and upwards:
Important: In order to be able to send you a replacement piece, our service team needs all of the following information:
(1) In which puzzle quadrant (A, B, C, D) is the missing piece?
(2) Which control number is printed on the corresponding plastic bag?
(3) What are the coordinates of the missing piece? Please map this out for each piece, moving from top to bottom and from left to right. It is also very helpful if you can e-mail us a digital photo. Our customer service department will also gladly help you over the phone.

3D Puzzles®
Every Ravensburger 3DPuzzle® has been manufactured, inspected and packed with great care. Constant monitoring during the production process guarantees the excellent quality and integrity of all Ravensburger 3DPuzzle® pieces. But, should you indeed have a problem, please contact us quoting the EAN-Code item number, the place/date of purchase and a written reason for your complaint to the contact address listed for your country.

What if you’ve lost a piece of your 3DPuzzle®?
We stock a limited selection of replacement pieces for a variety of Ravensburger 3DPuzzle®. In order to be able to send you the correct replacement piece our service team will need all of the following information :

· EAN-Code/item number (as printed on the side of the box)
· Title or brief description of the product
· The number of the individual piece that is missing and needs replacing
· If possible, digital images showing the area surrounding the missing piece

Game instructions
You can easily download missing game instructions from individual game product detail pages on this website. The instructions are available in a variety of languages. You need to have Acrobat Reader installed on your computer in order to be able to read these game instructions.

Product Related Requests

Games - FAQ
Do you have questions about your game? Do you need help with the rules? Do you have tips for Ravensburger and/or other players?
Then please let us know by using the contact form.

2D Puzzles - FAQ
Q: I've lost a puzzle piece. Can I get a replacement?
A: You can find more information under the heading "Replacement Parts / 2D Puzzle".

Q: Does Ravensburger make picture frames for puzzles?
A: No, picture frames are not part of Ravensburger's product range. Custom­ made frames with the exact dimensions you need can be ordered at frame shops and galleries. Please note: The actual dimensions of a finished and sealed puzzle may be slightly different from the dimensions given on the box.

Q: In how many bags are the large piece count puzzles packaged?
A: The 9,000-piece puzzle is packed in two different bags and the 18,000-piece puzzle has 4 different bags. Our 32,000-piece jigsaw is packed in 8 different bags. You can decide for yourself whether you would like to put these puzzle sections together separately or mix all the pieces together to increase the level of difficulty.

Q: How can I seal my finished puzzle and hang it on the wall?
A: A puzzle which has been fixed and sealed with Ravensburger Puzzle Conserver can stand up, hang and even displayed for all to admire. By conserving your jigsaw, the puzzle image is protected and this keeps the colours from fading.

Q: How do I use Ravensburger Puzzle Conserver?
A: Place your completed puzzle with the image-side up on a flat surface. We suggest you place a few layers old newspaper between the flat surface and the jigsaw you are about to conserve. Important: Always shake the puzzle conserver vigorously before each use!
Then, brush the puzzle conserver carefully over the image. Make sure to apply the appropriate amount as indicated on the conserver bottle!
Let the puzzle dry for a day. The protective layer of newspaper may stick to the back of your jigsaw once dry, but this can easily be torn off.
For puzzles with up to 500 pieces, this is enough support and an adhesive hook can be attached. Puzzles with more than 500 pieces should also be glued down onto a piece of plywood for additional support. For this step, you can use either white wood glue, wallpaper paste or Ravensburger Puzzle Conserver.
To conserve 9,000-piece to 32,000-piece puzzles, you must first complete all the sections of the puzzle (from all the different bags) and fit them all together. We recommend using three bottles of Ravensburger Puzzle Conserver to seal a 9,000-piece puzzle and four bottles for an 18,000-piece puzzle. You may require up to 8 bottles of conserver for a 32,000-piece jigsaw.

Please note the following when using this product:
Shake the conserver well before use (glue particles sink over time).
Do not store the conserver at a temperature below 0° C.
If a puzzle is too damp during application, the cardboard may swell.
Make sure glue gets into the cracks between the puzzle pieces and don't rub the glue into the design image.
If there are clumps in the conserver, then it is too old and can no longer be used; you can easily tell whether there are any clumps by shaking the bottle.
Do not remove the sponge tip; simply clean the conserver by rinsing it under running water in the sink.
Ravensburger Puzzle Conserver should not be used on puzzles made by other companies.

3D Puzzles - FAQ
Do you have some questions about your 3D puzzle?
Do you need help putting it together?
Do you have some tips you'd like to share with Ravensburger and/or other puzzle fans?
Then please get in touch with us by using our contact form.

Buy Ravensburger Products

Where can I buy Ravensburger products?
Ravensburger games and puzzles are available at your local toy store. Many prominent online shops also carry our products.


Where can I find some Company information?
All kinds of information about the Ravensburger company and its history can be found under


How can I contact Ravensburger?
To get in touch with Ravensburger in your country, please use the contact form on the website. You can also call our customer service department at: 0044-(0)1869 363 800

We look forward to hearing from you!