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The quality of Ravensburger puzzles

We’re committed to getting better every day – piece by piece. That is why we select our materials and puzzle images with the utmost care and expertise. Ravensburger puzzles bowl you over with premium puzzle quality in terms of content and material. The individual pieces are so precisely punched that you can actually hear a soft “click” when one fits into another. This phenomenon is so unique we’ve given it a name:

Ravensburger premium puzzles

Ravensburger Softclick Technology guarantees puzzle fun at the highest level, whether you’re a beginner tackling a 300-piece puzzle or a “pro” facing a challenge of up to 40,320 pieces.

Behind this premium quality are decades of experience, a sophisticated manufacturing process and a vision that drives us to meet our own standards and the demands of our puzzle fans each and every time.
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Precision fit

No matter how large or small our puzzles are - each piece is precision-made. That’s because our hand-made punching tools make sure each puzzle piece fits perfectly into the adjacent piece.

This allows us to achieve flawless pictures: the image always has an even and smooth finish.
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Special cardboard and paper

We achieve special quality with special cardboard: the orientation and length of the cellulose fibers are optimized for puzzles and guarantee top quality. Naturally, our cardboard is also environmentally friendly. That’s another aspect we considered during development.

We print our puzzles exclusively on special linen-embossed paper. This minimizes reflections and flaring on the puzzle. So nothing gets in the way of your puzzle enjoyment.


Our hand-drawn puzzle templates as well as specially developed tools give each piece its own character. That’s why, even in a 1,000-piece puzzle, there really are 1,000 differently shaped pieces. This makes each puzzle piece unique.

At Ravensburger, we design every puzzle for premium enjoyment. Piece by piece.
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Quality assurance

At Ravensburger we embrace quality – every single day. Our continuous checks make sure you get only the best products. This is especially true for children’s toys from Ravensburger. That explains why our checks are even more rigorous than the already strict legal requirements.

After all, we want you to enjoy doing puzzles right from the start!
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The secret behind Ravensburger puzzle production

Have you always wanted to know how a puzzle is produced? Ravensburger shares the secret of the unique Ravensburger puzzle production with you. Experience the creation process of a Ravensburger puzzle and learn more about the secrets of the form diversity and the unique fit of Ravensburger puzzle pieces.

Our puzzles make the hearts of all puzzle fans beat faster

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