Terms of Use

These are the general terms of use for the Internet offer of
The general terms of use for the Internet site of apply to everyone who visits the website.

1. Area of validity
The following terms of use apply in the current version, and become valid as soon as the user calls up the Ravensburger website and services whether with or without registration.
Access and use of Ravensburger's services are the object of the general terms of use.

2. Liability
Ravensburger is not responsible for the content revealed or made accessible to users on bulletin boards, in chat rooms, forums or by any other form. Warranty obligations are excluded as far as permissible in law.
Ravensburger is not liable for the correctness or completeness of the information it provides.
The same applies for the reconcilability of this information with the applicable law. Any product recommendations made by Ravensburger are subjective judgments or statements of facts. Ravensburger is not liable for damages caused to users as the result of them acquiring a product or service and in doing so relying on the judgement or statement of fact and subsequently finding that the quality fails to meet expectations. All users declare they accept the following:
• to refrain from publishing content that is irrelevant, deliberately untrue, libellous, degrading, slanderous, morally objectionable, obscene, agitating, racist, defamatory or pornographic,
• to refrain from any kind of criminal activities and the infringement of any other legal standards whilst using Ravensburger's online offer,
• to observe the rights of third parties, in particular patent, copyright, trademark, ancillary and design protection laws,
• not to distribute any content containing political, ideological or religious statements,
• not to use HTML formats,
• not to integrate any kind of hidden advertising in the form of an opinion in Ravensburger's offer.

The following actions are not permitted whilst using this service:
• endangering minors in any way;
• to claim to be someone else in these services, such as a representative of Ravensburger or any other individual responsible for the service, or to claim to be associated with such individuals;
• to forge headlines or manipulate signs of identification in any other way in order to conceal the origins of content that is transmitted as part of the service;
• to enter, publish or otherwise transmit content which the user is not authorised to pass on (e.g. because of confidentiality agreements etc.);
• to publish or otherwise transmit any form of advertising, promotional material or pyramid scheme;
• to enter, publish or otherwise transmit material containing software viruses or other information, files or programmes that are intended to or may interrupt, destroy or restrict the operation of telecommunication devices;
• interrupt the technical course of services or the ordinary progression of a communication;
• to access or interrupt the services or the servers or networks associated with these services, or to fail to observe any regulations, processes or other rules of any networks associated with the services;
• to burden, threaten, malign, bring into disrepute or otherwise inconvenience or impose on anyone, whether a natural or a legal person or entity;
• j) to gather or store personal data on any other users.

Ravensburger is authorised to check, edit, store or pass any content on to third parties if this is required by law or deemed necessary in Ravensburger's judgment and this is legally permitted in order to
(a) meet legal definitions or judiciary or official requirements;
(b) to implement these terms of use;
(c) to respond to any claims of breaches of statutory regulations by third parties;
(d) to observe and preserve the rights, property and/or personal safety of Ravensburger, its users or the public;
(e) to identify and/or rectify any technical problems and respond to complaints about the service, and (f) to implement safety measures against viruses and attempts at hacking and/or other similarly harmful applications or files.

In the event of an infringement of these terms of use, against legal requirements, the rights of third parties or for other justifiable reasons, Ravensburger will be entitled to remove content without providing a reason.
Ravensburger is not responsible for loss of earnings or profit, indirect and/or consequential damages. Furthermore, Ravensburger will not be responsible for technical interruptions not caused by or due to Ravensburger or its agents, nor for damages resulting from force majeure.
Ravensburger will only be liable in the event of premeditation and gross negligence.
Ravensburger is not responsible for the content of any advertising or third party websites that are linked from this site. The content of any linked sites might not have been checked before the links were set up.

3. Password and security
Following registration, users will be given a password and a name for their accounts. Users are to ensure that their password and account are not accessible by third parties, and are solely and fully responsible for any actions made using their password and/or account. Users are obliged to inform Ravensburger without delay of any improper use of their password and/or account, and of any other infringement of the safety regulations. Users must ensure that they exit their accounts after using them. Ravensburger accepts no responsibility at all for any losses or damage resulting from the failure to meet the requirements in this section 3. Users accept that the owner of an account is solely and fully responsible for any and all activities undertaken from that account.
Should the user authorise another individual, e.g. a minor, to use their account, then the user accepts full responsibility
(i) for that user's online behaviour,
(ii) for checking that user's access and use of the service, and
(iii) for the consequences of any misuse.

4. Links to third-party websites
If this website contains any information regarding third parties or links to third-party Internet sites, then this is done solely as a service to users. Ravensburger is not responsible for the content contained therein, and does not accept the content as its own. Ravensburger accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any damages arising in association with the accessing of third-party Internet websites and/or the use of the content of these sites.

5. Copyright
All content is protected by trademark, patent, copyright and other rights to protect the intellectual property, and in particular the texts, software, photos, graphics, illustrations, music, names, logos and brands are the property of Ravensburger or its licensors.
Ravensburger is not aware of any conflicting property or licence rights regarding components of the Ravensburger site. Should anyone find that his rights are infringed by any of the content, then that individual is advised to contact Ravensburger.
Users are not permitted to change, publish, extrapolate, sell, transfer, save in a database or otherwise use the content or parts thereof commercially without Ravensburger's permission. Exceptions exist in non-commercial use provided that the content is not changed.
When publishing content through Ravensburger, the publisher automatically transfers all rights to the relevant content to Ravensburger with no limit in time, irrevocably, free of charge and non exclusively. The user releases Ravensburger from all rights by third parties that they may raise against Ravensburger due to infringement of their rights, in particular copyright or other protected rights, resulting from the content transmitted by the user. This also applies for any asserted rights in competition law. Ravensburger is authorised to modify, interrupt or stop parts of the service without informing the users of this in advance. Furthermore, Ravensburger is entitled to change the terms of use at any time. Any changes to the terms of use will be published on Ravensburger's pages. Further utilisation of Ravensburger's services after notification of the relevant changes will be considered as the acceptance of these changes unless the user objects to the changes within 10 days of notification.

6. General rules for use and storage
The user accepts that Ravensburger is entitled to set up general rules and restrictions regarding the use of this service, in particular concerning
(a) the maximum number of days on which publications in forums or other entered content may remain in the services;
(b) the maximum size of hard disc memory allowed for the user in Ravensburger's servers, and
(c) the maximum number of visits users may make to the services within a specific period (and the maximum duration of a visit).

The user accepts that Ravensburger bears no responsibility or liability for the deletion of data or for any data not being stored with regard to messages, communications or other content that may be entered and transmitted in association with the services. The user accepts that Ravensburger reserves the right to delete any accounts that are not used for a long period of time. The user also accepts that Ravensburger reserves the right to change any general rules and restrictions at any time and by its own judgement, either with or without notifying the users.

7. Competitions
Entry is free and open to all. Ravensburger reserve the right to set a minimum age for participants in individual competitions. A competitor may only enter a competition once. Competitors' full names, addresses, countries, dates of birth and email addresses are required so that the winners can be notified. Any other information is given voluntarily. Winners are drawn at random from all correct entries. Winners will be notified in writing. If a winner fails to respond within 30 days of the notification being sent, then he loses the right to a prize. Ravensburger reserves the right to publish the winner's name and home town according to its judgement unless the winner declines publication as soon as he receives notification of winning. The likelihood of winning varies according to the competition, and is determined by the number of participants and winning entries. Prizes cannot be exchanged. Ravensburger accepts no responsibility for the prizes being free from flaws or for their durability or safety except from the usual manufacturer's guarantee, and gives no guarantee on them. The costs for sending prizes to the winner's address by parcel services are included in the prize. If the prize cannot be sent, then the place of fulfilment is Ravensburg. If it is not possible to obtain the advertised prize at the time of the draw, then Ravensburger reserves the right to pay out the cash equivalent. The cash prize is based on the net price of the object, which is based on the manufacturer's recommended retail price.
The judges' decision is final in all competitions. Ravensburger employees are not permitted to enter competitions. All details will be treated as confidential. Further information on the data privacy handling of personal details is given under item 11 of these terms of use. Further detailed information is given under the item Data security.

8. Termination
In the event of an infringement of these terms of use, against legal requirements, the rights of third parties or for other justifiable reasons, Ravensburger will be entitled to exclude any users. Ravensburger reserves the right to further claims.

9. Indemnity
The user hereby declares that he will absolve Ravensburger and the companies, branches, managers, agents, co-owners of brands and/or other business partners associated with the group and indemnify them against any claims by third parties that may arise concerning the content he enters or publishes or transmits in association with the service or as the result of his use of the service, his association to the services or by infringing these terms of use or the rights of third parties. This will also apply for the appropriate legal fees.

10. Transactions with third parties
Any communications or transactions between the user and commercial providers or other third parties that become known in association with the service or transmitted by it, and in particular the payment for and supply of goods or services, as well as any contractual regulations, guarantees or associations with such transactions, will exist solely in the association between the user and said third party. Ravensburger is neither responsible nor liable for losses or damages arising from such transactions.

11. Data privacy
Ravensburger will treat all personal details as confidential, and in particular will protect and maintain individual privacy.

Our offer can be used without informing us of the users' identity or personal details. However, for some of Ravensburger's services it is necessary to provide some personal information so the service can be used appropriately or to protect others against misuse. These personal details will be used to indicate the corresponding service and to improve our offer.
If any personal details are shared with us, Ravensburger will undertake all technical and organisational measures to ensure such details are protected from third parties when they are obtained and stored.
Should you have any further questions concerning the type, scope, place and purpose of the obtaining, processing and use of personal details, data privacy rules and our services, please refer to the item Data privacy. Should you have any other questions, please contact the member of staff responsible for data privacy at Ravensburger AG ([email protected]).
Ravensburger is always pleased to answer questions and provide information.

12. Applicable law and place of jurisdiction
The law of the Federal Republic of Germany applies. If both parties are registered traders, legal individuals in public law or public assets, then Ravensburg will be the agreed place of jurisdiction.

13. What can the user do if he finds any infringements of these terms and conditions?
Please inform us of any infringements of these terms and conditions. If you find that the content of the services infringes these terms and conditions, please email us the identification details of the individual who is not observing the rules, cut out the content in question and attach it to an email to [email protected].
However, Ravensburger cannot guarantee that any particular measures will be adopted following your notification.

14. Final provisions
Should any of the definitions in these terms of use be or become invalid, or if anything is missing, then they or it will be replaced by the valid definition that is as close as possible to the legal idea behind the invalid definition.