Dinosaur Oasis

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Watch out! It’s not so safe in this haven after all — T-Rex is ready to start a brawl with Stegosaurus in our “Dinosaur Oasis” puzzle!

Dinosaur Oasis 100p Oppdag den perfekte passformen! Ravensburger har et perfekt puslespill for alle barn. Med interessante motiver, strategiske brikkestørrelser og ulike formater er suksess garantert for alle aldre og vanskelighetsgrader. Nyt Ravensburger-kvaliteten med denne familievennlige aktiviteten! Alder 6+

Bestselling puzzle brand worldwide - With over 1 billion puzzles sold, our children’s jigsaw puzzles make ideal gifts for boys and great gifts for girls. Perfect toys for your child – Puzzles for toddlers and kids of every age help support a child’s development as they play, building skills such as concentration and creativity. Positively Puzzling - From fun family times together to long term health benefits and day-to-day mindful moments, there are so many positives about the humble Jigsaw! They make a great birthday gift or smashing Christmas gift.
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