My Aniaml Friends 3x6p

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I can solve a puzzle all by myself! With the six-piece frame puzzles from my first puzzles, this is possible even for the youngest children. With their limited number and large-sized puzzle pieces, the three frame puzzles are optimally suited for toddlers. Assembling the lovingly illustrated images can be quite a challenge at first, but with a little practice they soon succeed and have great fun. Sturdy pasteboard pieces guarantee the durability of this toy.

my first frame puzzles for children from 2.5 years. When children do puzzles, they playfully train spatial thinking, patience and hand-to-eye coordination. Incidentally: for the more experienced little puzzlers, you can increase the difficulty by mixing the pieces of two or three frame puzzles. With a puzzle that corresponds to the individual level of development, toddlers gain a playful and enjoyable understanding of their environment and rise to the challenges. The age-appropriate Ravensburger puzzles show pictures from a world that is familiar to children and inspires them. And there’s nothing to worry about if your child likes to put the pieces in their mouth: the safety of all materials used has been confirmed by an independent institute. For more than 100 years, we have been developing puzzles that children love: with age-appropriate images, complexity and size.
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