Animal Menagerie 100p

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Animals On The Shelf 100p Oplev den perfekte pasform! Ravensburger har et perfekt puslespil til ethvert barn. Med interessante motiver, strategiske brikstørrelser og forskellige formater er der garanti for succes for alle aldersgrupper og sværhedsgrader. Få glæde af den fine Ravensburger-kvalitet med denne familievenlige aktivitet! Alder 6+

Find pieces, join them together and enjoy the steadily growing image – doing jigsaw puzzles means one little success story after the next. That’s why children love to join together puzzle pieces from their favourite images again and again. But puzzles offer more than fun: if the correct level of difficulty is selected, children of any age can grow with the challenges, increase their patience and strengthen their self-confidence. In the large selection of Ravensburger children’s puzzles with the most popular images, from 2 pieces to 300 pieces, there is guaranteed to be the right one for every child. Selecting the images and the high quality of our children’s puzzles are extremely important to us. Therefore, the safety of all materials is confirmed by an independent institute. For more than 100 years, we have been developing puzzles that children love: with age-appropriate images, complexity and size.
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