Data protection

1. Collection, processing and use of personal data

Ravensburger takes the protection of your personal information very seriously. We would like you to know which information we store, when we store it and what we do with it.

In this document we explain to you how we guarantee the protection of your personal information.

How personal information is recorded, processed and used:
Ravensburger collects your personal information when you make use of certain services on our internet pages and when you take part in prize draws.

When you use our contact forms you are requested to provide your name, email address, age, gender and home address. As soon as we have received this information from you, we are aware of your identity. In addition, Ravensburger collects and stores information automatically in our server log; this information is transmitted to us by your browser. It includes your IP address in particular and the pages which you have accessed. Only after you have given your consent can additional information within the various services be filed in cookies.

Ravensburger collects this information for four basic purposes:
The purpose of this privacy statement is;
  1. To inform you about special offers and new products – with your consent,
  2. To send you our newsletter on a regular basis – subject to your separate consent,
  3. To gear the information we provide about services and products to your specific interests – with your consent,
  4. To handle orders for offers and services.

Our employees are conversant with the regulations set down in the German Data Protection Act (BDSG) and are obligated to adhere strictly to the terms of this privacy statement.
When we employ external contractors to provide offers or services, these providers are legally bound to adhere to the German Data Protection Act (BDSG), the German Telemedia Act (TMG) and other regulations and are contractually bound to the terms of the data protection policy issued by either Ravensburger AG or Ravensburger Spieleverlag GmbH.

2. Opening a customer account

When you open your own customer account prior to initial registration which enables you to access our community, you are giving us your consent to store your basic personal data (name, address, email, telephone number) and user data (user name, password) in a customer data bank.

You can withdraw your consent at any time with immediate effect by simply closing your customer account.

3. Release of information to a third party

Ravensburger will release your personal information to a third party only on the following conditions:
  • When you have given your consent for this information to be released or
  • when this information has to be released in order to complete any transaction relating to offers and services which you wish to obtain. In this event you will, of course, be informed about this.

We do not release any personal information relating to children to third parties. Here, exceptions are made in the case of a) mandatory legislation and b) violation of the terms of use.
  • When an enforcement order has been issued either by a court or another authority or,
  • If an enforcement order is unnecessary, when legally permissible measures are taken to prevent any misapplication of our offers and services , in particular, any application which violates either the Ravensburger terms and conditions or the specific user conditions.

4. Cookies

Cookies are files which we store on your hard drive and not on our server. The information contained in cookies is designed to make navigation easier and to avoid you having to enter all your registration data again every time you use our website services. In addition, with your consent cookies can be used to adapt our products and services to your particular interests so that we can complete orders for services and products and – with your further consent – inform you about special offers and new products.
You can prevent the storage of cookies on your hard drive by selecting “Disable all cookie use” in your browser settings. You can find out more about these functions in your browser manual. If you do not accept cookies, you may encounter navigation difficulties when using our services.

5. Option

You have the right at any time to correct, add to and delete any stored information and settings related to yourself. You can at any time withdraw the consent you have given for specific use of your personal information. Importantly, you have the option to decide whether you wish to be informed about our special offers and new products or not.

6. Security

Ravensburger attempts at all times to prevent your personal information from being lost, misapplied, accessed illegally, disclosed, changed or deleted. Your password protects your personal information by guaranteeing confidentiality and security.

7. Changing this privacy statement

Ravensburger reserves the right to change the content of this privacy statement at a future time. If Ravensburger were to use your personal information in any way other than in the way specified at the time of data collection in the privacy statement, we will try to inform you via email using the most recent information you have provided us with. If you have not given us permission to contact you, we will neither notify you nor use your personal information in any way other than in the way agreed on. In any event, a related news item in the form of a highlighted announcement will appear on the Ravensburger website.

8. Questions and Opinions

Ravensburger pledges to cooperate with users in order to find quick and equitable solutions to any problems arising from complaints or differences of opinion concerning matters of data protection.
If you wish to submit a complaint, criticism or suggestion or ask a question, please send an email. Ravensburger will be pleased to respond to your questions and opinions.

9. Data Protection Officer, Ravensburger AG

If you have a question concerning the processing of your personal information, please contact our Data Protection Officer.