Discover a world of 3D Puzzle

Get creative and get building, our puzzles use unique hinged plastic pieces
which slot together to build a strong and sturdy structure and best of all, no glue is required!
Each piece is numbered on the back, so if you’re finding the build a bit of a challenge,
you can use the numbers to help you.

Our Light-Up 3D puzzles use LED technology
to create two different lighting effects. They can be set to a steady warm white glow
or you can choose from red, green, orange, light blue, purple of yellow light.

The world really is your oyster!

Notre Dame 3D Puzzle

One of the world's most recognisable buildings, the Notre Dame Cathedral is as impressive as a 3D Puzzle as it is in real life. Each of the 324 puzzle pieces is shaped to fit perfectly with the next to form a true likeness model of this stunning building. And there is no need for any glue!!

The strong sturdy plastic pieces are numbered on the back, so completing the model is easy. It is the perfect present for someone who is looking for that something a little different. Once complete, place your model on display for all to admire, or take it apart to complete again another day.

Ideal puzzle to complete on your own, or with the family.

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Light-up 3D Puzzles

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