Stylish Stars & Stripes

Celebrate the Fourth of July with our US cousins

Over the years, the recognizable stars and stripes of the American flag have become a fashion and style icon in their own right.
Instantly recognized the world over, this simple geometric pattern using a colour palette of only red, white and blue have come to symbolize the festivities surrounding the 4th of July celebrations, as much as it identifies with American national pride.

Our 3D Puzzle® Sneaker is the latest edition to the 3D family and features the striking stars and stripes pattern. You too can decorate your room with the iconic stars and stripes by puzzling this 3D Puzzle®. Comprising of 108 shaped plastic puzzle pieces, each one is shaped to fit perfectly into the next, without the need for any glue. Every piece is numbered on the back, so you can either complete the puzzle using the picture, or by simply following the numbers on the back.

This stunning sneaker shaped 3D Puzzle® builds into a handy and sturdy pencil pot that measures approximately 12cm tall x 21cm long.
It is a stylish and fashionable accessory to keep all your essentials, from pens to make-up and paint brushes, tidy.

Born in the USA

Celebrate Independence Day with a puzzle

Join our American cousins in celebrating Independence Day on the 4th of July by puzzling one of our many American themed jigsaws.

Yosemite Park, 1000pc

Have you ever wanted to visit California? Our Yosemite Park Panoramic puzzle can make this dream come true. The sun peeps over a distant mountain top and the warmth of its rays start to bring Yosemite Park to life.

Our viewpoint is from a high ledge, offering us a glimpse along the valley, revealing towering peaks and heavily wooded slopes. Huge boulders fill much of the foreground and ensure the photographer stays well away from the edge of what appears to be a very long drop! The muted tones and vast landscape of this puzzle promises plenty of puzzle challenges.

New York TRIPTYCHON, 1000pc

No trip the United States is complete without visiting New York City. Transport yourself to the Big Apple with our New York Triptychon Panoramic puzzle, split into three separate images this jigsaw promises hours of puzzling fun. When the puzzle is complete you will have three separate images to frame for your home.

Flat Iron Building, 3000pc

We also have a 3000pc jigsaw which captures the famous Flat Iron Building, immerse yourself in hours of puzzling fun this Independence Day.

A style and architectural icon of New York, the movement in this fascinating jigsaw puzzle will be a joy and a challenge to complete. Measuring as impressive 121 x 80cm when complete, it will be a stunning puzzle to decorate any home.
Completing our American collection of jigsaws is 3D Puzzle®. The American Flag 3D Sneaker is the perfect puzzle for the Fourth of July. Arguably one of America’s most famous shoes, the sneaker is the latest edition to the 3D family. Also a handy pencil pot, this puzzle is perfect for those 3D Puzzle® fans.

Puzzle one of the most famous buildings in the world with our Statue of Liberty Night Edition 3D Puzzle®. Lady Liberty is transformed into a 3D Puzzle with Ravensburger.

Celebrate the Fourth of July with Ravensburger.