#UpsideDownChallenge Game

What happens when your world turns upside down?

Find out what happens when you put on the goggles and experience how easy tasks suddenly turn into a real challenge!

Players take turns to pick a challenge card and try to complete the activity in the set time, whist wearing goggles that turns everything upside down.

Game includes over a 100 challenges, which combined with wearing the goggles make for a really simple, fun and funny game for 2-6 players, aged 7 and up. Each game takes roughly 20 mins to play and will have you laughing out loud from the start.

1x Upside-Down-Glasses (prism inversion goggles)
32x drawing and action cards
1x explanation card "Symbols"
1x hourglass
36x tokens
1x explanation booklet "Action Cards" and rules.

Take photos and videos of your experience and share it with us on social media using #UpsideDownChallenge

Pour water from one cup into the next - sounds easy?

Not even the simplest of tasks is easy when you are wearing the unique #UpsideDownChallenge Game goggles. Young or old, this game is sure to have you in fits of laughter, as you watch your fellow players try to complete over a 100 simple everyday tasks.

There are a few things you will need from your home to complete the game experience, all of which are noted in the rules.

Are you ready to take on the #UpsideDownChallenge?

With so many drawing and challenge activities, no two games are ever the same.
Take turns to draw a challenge card from the deck, put on your goggles and complete it within the set time. Every successful turn earns you a token and the first player to have 5 tokens, is the winner.