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Sort & Go!

6 Stackable Puzzle Sorting Trays

One of the great joys of doing a jigsaw puzzle, is having the room to spread out and organise your puzzle pieces in such a way, so they are easy to find when you need them.
But no matter how big the surface is on which you choose to puzzle, it never seems to be big enough.

With these clever Sort & Go! Puzzle Sorting Trays, you can easily organise your puzzle pieces by shape, by colour or in any which way you like. They are made from strong durable plastic and the adorable puzzle shape makes them stackable, so they can tidy away neatly.

The trays are designed to link together, so when you have them all placed around your active puzzle, they take up less room because they link together. And when you want to take your puzzle away with you, these trays stack perfectly back in their box so they are easy to transport.

Sort & Go! can do so much more...

What makes Sort & Go! Puzzle Sorting Trays such a wonderful gift for anyone, is because you can use it to organise your life in just about any way. From organising your workshop, or simply using it to keep things tidy whilst getting crafty, there are so many ways these trays can bring order to your life.

When you are not puzzling, what will you use your Sort & Go! for?
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