National Selfie Day

Create your own #RavensburgerMoment with a Selfie

We all love a good selfie. Whether it captures us in front of an iconic building, enjoying the show at a music concert or just having a great time pulling funny faces with family and friends, there is always a good reason to mark the occasion with a selfie.

A selfie is simply a photo you take of yourself by activating the front-facing camera on your smartphone, with the main purpose for it to be shared on social media. This fun social behavior has become so ingrained in modern culture that we even see children enjoying it from a young age.

Some of us have even gone as far as teaching our beloved pets how to take quick snaps. Your photo library may contain the odd photo or two of your dog or cat taking a cheeky selfie, but have you seen our fantastic collection of Selfie jigsaw puzzles?
With our unique and funny range of Selfie jigsaws, we explore what selfies in the animal kingdom would look like. The Dinosaurs and Sharks Selfies are particularly fascinating and are sure to put a smile on your face. Which one will you puzzle next?

Why not take a selfie of you enjoying a Ravensburger puzzle or game and upload it using #RavensburgerMoment @ravensburgerglobal