Intriguing puzzle facts

Intriguing facts and record-holding data on Ravensburger Puzzles

Intriguing facts and record-breaking stats

Jigsaw puzzles have been part of the Ravensburger product range since 1964. Throughout the decades, we have collected interesting facts, funny stories and record-breaking results. We are about to take you on a somewhat different journey through the world of Ravensburger Puzzles, to show you things that you probably never knew.

Quality enjoyment

A Ravensburger Export Manager once ate a puzzle piece, cut from thick cardboard, right before the eyes of his Chinese customers. Although we strongly recommend that you do not try this at home, the Export Manager did this to visually illustrate the most authentic proof of the “quality enjoyment” provided by Ravensburger Puzzles.

Piece by piece

The two stretches of puzzle that the cities Königsbrunn in Bavaria, and Buxtehude in Lower Saxony laid on the main streets during the German Puzzle Day 2006, were 4 kilometers long. These consisted of a total of 9,000 puzzles back-to-back with approximately two million pieces!
Ravensburger Puzzle Team


The biggest Ravensburger puzzle is “Memorable Disney Moments”, with 40,320 pieces.

• Number of pieces: 40,320
• Format: 6.8 meters x 1.9 meters
• Area: nearly 13 sqm
• Weight: approx. 20 kg
• Puzzle time estimated at 600 hours

Puzzles: What’s your preference?

20 or 500 pieces? With the Ravensburger Puzzle iPad app, puzzle fans can select the right puzzle for any mood. The app offers six images across nine levels of difficulty, with an additional 150 currently available and new ones will be added.

A glance back in history

In 1760, engraver John Spilsbury sawed 39 counties of a map of England from thin mahogany wood. The children in geography class were supposed to join them back together to make their homeland. That's how the puzzle was discovered!

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Who can do puzzles faster?

In 2006 a 77-hour marathon puzzle-making event was initiated, to test the endurance of women against men. Two representatives of each gender competed against each other, by doing half of an 18,000 piece Ravensburger puzzle. After three-and-a-half days, the men narrowly scraped into first place.

Heavy work

One special Ravensburger puzzle design weighed 500 kilos, and was assembled underwater by 50 divers in a 4-day puzzle marathon. The puzzle carpet on the floor of a swimming pool was about 100 m² in area and the crazy experiment was a success.

The biggest puzzle in the world

A million puzzle pieces to create the world record. In 2008, the citizens of Ravensburg, Germany assembled exactly 1,131,800 puzzle pieces in the town center, to create a million-piece puzzle, and consequently the largest puzzle in the world.

It takes longer to be unique

It takes 160 work hours to construct a cutting tool for a standard 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle. The cutting dies are produced by hand in a specialist workshop in our factory in Ravensburg, which makes each piece unique and fit perfectly in only one spot.

Have you always wanted to know how a puzzle is produced? Ravensburger reveals the secret of the unique Ravensburger puzzle production. Experience the creation process of a Ravensburger puzzle, and find out more about the secrets of the form diversity and the unique fit of Ravensburger puzzle pieces.
Production of a Ravensburger Puzzle

Ravensburger puzzle piece sizes

All Ravensburger cutting tools are handmade, which means the puzzle-piece sizes can vary slightly from one batch to the next. The below list of puzzle-piece sizes are approximate and should be used as a rough indication of size, and not exact. Also, the size of each individual puzzle piece will differ depending on how many tabs (the sticking out loop of the puzzle piece) and blanks (the holes or slots that the tabs fit into) that particular piece has.

My First Puzzles 4 in a Box - approx. 7 x 5.5cm
My First Floor Puzzle - approx. 14.5 x 13cm
49pc - approx. 4.5 x 3cm
100pc - approx. 3.8 x 4.5cm
200pc - approx. 2.9 x 3cm
300pc - approx. 2.45 x 2.4cm
500pc - approx. 2 x 1.8cm
Large Piece 500pc - approx. 4 x 2.5cm
1000pc - approx 1.9 x 1.7cm
1500pc - approx. 1.7 x 1.8cm
2000pc and larger piece counts - approx. 3 x 2.1cm
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