What is Positively Puzzling?

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What is Positively Puzzling?

Positively Puzzling celebrates all the wonderful plusses about jigsaws.

From fun family times together to long term health benefits and day-to-day mindful moments, there are so many positives about the humble puzzle! Being MINDFUL means you are IN the present moment and you connect and root yourself into the experience of that moment by clearing your mind of all other distractions. Modern life can be a little fast or overwhelming sometimes, so by slowing down and finding peace in the moment that you are in, can be very soothing and comforting, and act as a "battery recharge" to take the world on again.

Doing a jigsaw puzzle can create such a mindful moment. When you are completing a puzzle, your mind is fully immersed in the experience and therefor, IN THE MOMENT. It allows your mind to drift away into the world you are puzzling, enables you to feel a sense of peace and eventually a sense of satisfaction and gratitude when you complete the puzzle. By focussing on the detail of the puzzle pieces, the colours, the shapes and where they might fit together, you become utterly absorbed in your present moment. This sense of calm and "me-time' can have very positive effects on your outlook on life's challenges.

When it comes to choosing the right puzzle for you we recommend you start with a picture you love, and choose a piece count you feel comfortable with. Although some puzzlers really love a challenge, it must always be fun and enjoyable. Happy Puzzling!

Enjoy a mindful moment with puzzles

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A few puzzles to enjoy a mindful moment with...

Positively Puzzling for children

A puzzle is just the start!

Jigsaws are not just a fun diversion, they’re a great way to help kids develop essential skills and it’s even better if you join in too. Below you can find out about some of the benefits of puzzling for kids, and ideas on getting creative and extending the play too!

Did you know?

Children jigsaws puzzles can offer a wealth of benefits when it comes to developing essential skills.

Hand-eye co-ordination
As children manipulate the pieces, they’re developing valuable manual dexterity skills.

Problem Solving and concentration skills
A puzzle is not an ‘instant fix’. Children need to think through problems and solve them with persistence and patience.

I can do this!
Completing a jigsaw or simply putting a piece in the right spot gives a great confidence boost and sense of ‘I can do this’.

Language skills
Puzzles are a great opportunity to practice language skills. As you put the puzzle together talk about colours, shapes and pictures.

Use the opportunity of a jigsaw to encourage children to think about what is happening in the scene, what might happen next and more?

Colour and shape recognition
In putting together a jigsaw, children are practicing searching for matching colours and shapes as they look for the correct piece to place.
"Children benefit because puzzles are a goal that they can complete, as well as being fun, and this cultivates patience, a trait that has a huge amount of benefit and means that children can reap the rewards of sticking to a task and feeling rewarded by the fruits of their labour." Emma Kenny

The fun does not end when the last piece goes in!

Now that the puzzle is finished, why not take inspiration from the pictures and characters within and ask your child to imagine a story around the characters. Talk about what has happened, and what might happen next? Puzzles can be great conversation starters.

What about challenging your child to design a puzzle of their own?
Simply ask them to draw a picture which they can then cut into large pieces for the family to put back together again. A puzzle should bring on a smile, so ask them to draw a picture of something that makes them happy.

This is exactly what Joy did and this is her puzzle design. Joy’s jigsaw design includes one of her favourite animals – tigers. Can you spot the tiny chameleon? Use hashtag #AtHomewithRavensburger – we would love to see their creations. Thanks to Joy for sharing her picture.

Puzzle Design Tip! Try to include lots of different colours and objects, some big some small, all around the picture so it’s really interesting to look at, and also not too hard to put back together!

A Poem about Puzzles

by Charlotte Bird

A puzzle won’t cure your worries
But give you pause for thought
To take time out from busy days
And doing what you ‘ought’.
‘Must’ and ‘Should’ no time for these
When lost among the parts,
For time spent in the here and now
Can lift a troubled heart.

Among the scattered pieces
There a bigger picture lies,
Awaiting its discovery
Unlocking the surprise.
The final piece, what magic!
And where did that time go?
Time flies when you’re having fun,
And a jigsaw makes it so.

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