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The Original Mandala-Designer® Stencil

Draw intricate mandalas qucikly and easily


If you like designing classic Mandalas or Mandalas within Mandalas there are no limits to your creativity! Simply place a piece of paper between the frame and the template, and you are ready to start. Each time you want to repeat a pattern on your Mandala, just move the template on by one arrow. Then colour it in – and you have designed your own Mandala. If you have the Mandala-Drawing machine, you can use the templates with this too!
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Create art with the spinning Mandala Designer

The word "mandala" is an ancient Indian word, and loosely translated means "circle". Children love drawing mandalas. Even young children will follow their inherent desire to draw and create a balance between shapes and colours – with a surprisingly strong instinct. Mandalas are not only great fun for children, but this spiritual art from India also helps to develop their concentration. Furthermore, children develop, almost coincidentally, their fine motor skills and learn the differences between colours and symmetry. A Mandala-Designer® by Ravensburger is an excellent tool for children, because the young artists can use the template technology to draw hundreds of mandalas by themselves.

Creativity is what spurs us on. That's because it's part of our nature. Even very young children want to do things for themselves. They love drawing pictures in bright colours and exploring the world.

Ravensburger encourages this creativity with products that combine enjoyment and understanding, and are guaranteed to succeed. This means that even very young children can use creative products to express their imagination and curiosity. The range of Mandala-Designer® craft products is all about artistic creations.

Mini Mandala-Designer® - the mandala box for when you're on the go!
Simply insert the paper and turn the template arrow by arrow, then colour in – and done! And best of all: everything fits perfectly in the handy plastic box so you can take it with you.