A Jigsaw Story

Find out how
a puzzle is born

Celebrate Colin Thompson

Discover the man behind the whacky

3D Puzzle Sneaker

American Style

Scotland Yard

The exciting hunt for Mister X

How a puzzle is created

Discover the secret of Ravensburger puzzle production!

Intriguing puzzle facts

Intriguing facts and record-holding data on Ravensburger Puzzles


Remember. Experience. Discover.

3D Puzzles

Discover unique puzzle fun in the third dimension

Education is more than just gaining knowledge

40.320 pieces - Unforgettable Disney Moments

The biggest Ravensburger puzzle

Classic Games: Labyrinth

Join the race for treasures in a moving maze!

Enjoyment is more than just having fun


Start creating now!

Why doing puzzles makes you happy

So many people find completing jigsaw puzzles fascinating and calming. We explore why this is.

Being together is better than being alone

Puzzles of quality

Top quality puzzle fun

Playing is more than just passing the time

40320 pieces - the biggest Ravensburger puzzle

From the Disney film to the biggest Ravensburger puzzle
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