What is GraviTrax?

GraviTrax is an interactive marble run that allows players to design and build tracks, whilst experimenting with gravity, magnetism and kinetics to explore endless possibilities and infinite creativity.

What is available?

Begin with the Starter Set and add your favourite Extensions. Add, build and rebuild. With GraviTrax the combinations and possibilities are endless. And there are so many extensions to choose from. Click to find out more.

GraviTrax PRO

Dive into the range of GraviTrax PRO products, find out what makes the PRO range different and how this range can elevate your track designs to help to build even bigger and faster.

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GraviTrax Academy

Perfect for budding engineers or experienced architects, the GraviTrax Academy offers a variety of building challenges kids can solve to work their way up to become an Expert GraviTrax Master.

All the challenges promote critical thinking and problem-solving to complete. With three levels to choose from, every child can begin where they feel most comfortable. Learn more about GraviTrax Academy.

GraviTrax in shops

Where can I buy my next favourite Extension?

GraviTrax is available from high street toy shops, local and national gift & hobby shops as well as from your favourite online stores.

Inspiration and ideas

Are you looking for a little inspiration and some new ideas on how to build your tracks bigger, better, faster or higher? With GraviTrax the possibilities and combination you can create are endless. Let your imagination guide you to your next layout. In the meantime, here are some bits to get you inspired.

GraviTrax App

The GraviTrax App is FREE to download, and it means you can take GraviTrax along anywhere with you. Test new track layouts, design trick shots and configure your designs in the App, before you build it with your sets.

Questions and Answers

We have collected some of the most frequently asked questions, and answered them. If you have some questions, look here first.

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