Expansion Packs are designed to help you create the tracks and designs you can imagine. Each Expansion Pack includes a different set of contents so you can choose which pack you add to your Starter Set first, to get the desired effect for your track. Simply choose the Expansion Pack that will take your track to the next level - literally - and keep going.

There is no limit to the number of Expansion Packs you can add. Experience the power of gravity!


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GraviTrax Expansion Lifter

Help your gravity spheres climb to new heights!

Load the lift with your gravity spheres, press the button and push your gravity spheres to new heights on the track. A really fun addition to your GraviTrax track and is compatible with the rest of the range.

GraviTrax Expansion Tunnels

Send your gravity spheres through the tunnels

With lots of different tunnel options in the expansion pack, the possibilities you can create with this fun add-on pack are endless. Add drama when the Gravity Sphere disappear down the tunnels, and watch them pop out again on the other side. The combinations are endless.
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