GraviTrax PRO

Take your tracks to the next level

Build higher and faster.
GraviTrax PRO is for GraviTraxers who want to build more challenging tracks.

GraviTrax PRO contains different elements to the classic Starter Set and it’s all about building slightly more complicated tracks. The GraviTrax PRO Starter Set Vertical includes height pillars, walls, balconies, short Bernoulli tracks and all the essential GraviTrax elements for endless building activities. The PRO range is fully compatible with all other Gravitrax products. Even if you are completely new to Gravitrax, you can still start with the GraviTrax PRO Vertical Starter Set. Everything you need to get started is in the box, and you can expand and extend at any time.

Quick additions

PRO Extensions to take your track to the next level

GraviTrax PRO Vertical

Build higher and faster with unique vertical pieces

With the GraviTrax PRO Vertical range, you can very quickly and easily build higher with the unique dedicated height tiles. These specially designed pieces are only available in the PRO Vertical sets and allows your marbles to run faster and further. The GraviTrax PRO Vertical range of products helps you unlock your creativity as your marbles pass through the walls and pillars already created in the unique height tiles.

What goes up, must come down; construct more complex track systems and watch the marbles roll. Build mega constructions with even more possibilities.
GraviTrax PRO is fully compatible with the rest of the GraviTrax range. Build, rebuild, expand and extend. Click to discover the rest of the Gravitrax range.

The possibilities and track combinations you can create are endless.
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