Create spectacular tracks by adding Add-on Sets to your Starter Set. Each Add-on has been designed to add a specific level of interest, motion or action to your track. Simply choose which one you would like to add to your Stater Set first, and expand your track in any way you like.

You can make your gravity sphere go faster, slower, go up a level, explode out in different directions down your track, flip over or even loop around. There is no limit to your imagination. Experience the power of gravity!


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GraviTrax Add-on Scoop

Scoop 'em up, and take your track to the next level!

Add the Scoop to your track to hoist your Gravity Sphere onto the track above and extend your run. You can add more than one Scoop to your track to help your Gravity Sphere go back up the track as well as down. How long can the Scoop keep your ball rolling?

GraviTrax Add-on Trampoline

Add a little bounce with the Trampoline

Leap Ahead! Use the Trampoline to defy gravity, gain momentum, and bounce your Gravity Sphere through the track. Combine several trampolines, or even one after the other to create a really dramatic effect in your track.
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