Hop little bunnies, hop hop hop!

Jump up the hill but watch out for the traps

Can you get your bunnies to the juicy carrot at the top of the hill?
Be careful! The path is full of surprises along the way!

Suddenly a hole could open up and one of your bunnies could take a tumble. Or a mischievous mole may push a bunny off the hill. As well as a moving drawbridge and a swinging gate, you need to avoid the obstacles and reach the delicious carrot! Which little bunny will be the winner?

A laugh-out-loud fun game for the whole family.

Ideal for ages 4+ (but fun for all ages)
2 - 4 players

On your turn - Draw a card!

Do you move your bunny or turn the carrot?

If you draw a card with a bunny on it, move one of your bunnies as many spaces up the hill as shown on the card. You can choose which one of your 4 bunnies you would like to play with on each turn. Just remember, only one bunny can occupy a space at any one time, so choose your bunny carefully.

If you draw a card with a carrot on it. carefully turn the carrot in a clockwise direction until you hear a "CLICK". One of the spaces on the path might open up. If there happens to be a bunny on that space, the poor bunny will fall down the hole and is out of the game.

But WATCH OUT, any one of the other obstacles can also be triggered by the turning of the carrot...


Watch out! As well as the holes that can appear in the path, there are a few more obstacles to be mindful of when someone turns the carrot

The Mole

The mole pops out from its hole from time to time. If a bunny happens to be standing in front of a mole hole, the mole will push the bunny down the hill and the bunny will have to start at the bottom of the path again.

The Draw Bridge

The draw bridge is either raised or lowered each time the carrot is turned. If the draw bridge is down when your bunny wants to continue up the path, your bunny can continue its journey up the hill. If the draw bridge is up, your bunny cannot cross.

The Gate

The gate opens at random. If a bunny is near the gate when it opens, the bunny will be pushed down the hill and onto another space on the path. The bunny will have to continue its journey from this new position on its next turn.

Hop little bunnies, hop hop hop!

The first bunny to reach the carrot at the top of the hill, is the winner!

The game includes:
1x Green Hill with rotating Carrot
16x Bunnies in 4 different colours
48x Cards

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