The new passion for do-it-yourself

Activity ideas for rainy days

When it's wet and nasty outside …

… it's really cozy inside! You can't count on the weather, especially during spring and fall. That's when smartphones, laptops and iPads provide distraction and endless “playtime” with countless apps, videos and games. It is especially hard for children to tear themselves away from the screen. Although there are so many great things to do in the comfort of your home when the weather is foul! You probably have most of the things that you need right at home. So put your electronic devices aside and be inspired by our versatile Arts and Craft Kits.

Our recommendations for you

I'm going to color the world ...

Lots of bright colors create entire worlds of fantasy, where great adventures take place. Try it: everyone gets a paintbrush or pencil and exciting stories are told while everyone joins to paint a picture. Use watercolors to make handprints and footprints, which can be transformed into mythical beings and fantasy creatures. When the colored pencils are moistened with water, a simple landscape becomes a fabulous watercolor painting.
For highly creative minds, marbles that have been dipped in paint create the most abstract patterns when allowed to dance across the paper. Lay some newspaper on the kitchen table and the coloring fun can begin. Relaxation is guaranteed with the Mandala Designer® sets. Some nice music or an audio book can help you relax.

Fun with scissors and glue

You probably have an empty shoe carton or box someplace at home. Today it's going to be transformed into a treasure chest, because we're going to decorate it by gluing on colored paper or paper napkins and painting the outside. Painted pebbles shine like gemstones, mystical patterns and magical symbols of wool scraps give it a touch of mystery.

Where does the chest come from and what does it hold inside? Again, imagination is called for to tell the tale of the treasure chest while tinkering. By the way, it's possible that the chest contains precious ornaments or jewelry: it's easy to color macaroni with felt-tip pens and string them to form a necklace, rings or tiaras.
Kids doing handcraft
Woman knitting

We want wool!

What was just recently rejected as being “old-fashioned” is today's trend: knitting and crocheting. But working with wool is not only fun, it can also help to relieve stress and improve hand-eye coordination. The good old weaving loom is perfect for giving the little ones their first experiences with wool.

Those who don't have a weaving frame can simply make one with an empty box and some wool. It's also possible to make beautiful friendship bracelets or chains with a wide variety of patterns, entirely without the use of needles and weaving comb. And adorable pompom animals can be crafted in no time to create a whole wool zoo or circus. The only thing that's required is a couple of utensils and some practice – and before you know it the living room will be a cozy crafting studio!
Woman knitting